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Podman machine for Microsoft HyperV – Step 1

In an earlier post, I talked about work that I was starting for Podman machine and its use of Microsoft HyperV. I’m pleased that my first pull request for that enablement was recently merged into Podman. At this point, it is really just about the basics of machine like: creation, removal, start, and stop.

> .\podman.exe machine init --image-path C:\Users\baude\Downloads\fedo
Extracting compressed file
Machine init complete
To start your machine run:

        podman machine start

> .\podman.exe machine start
Starting machine "podman-machine-default"
Machine "podman-machine-default" started successfully

Moreover, a fair amount of work went into the ignition project for HyperV support as well as the coreos-assembler project. These basic building blocks allowed me to build a proper image and inject the ignition configuration file.

machine running
Custom image being run

I have quite a bit more work to make this usable. We need to be able to create connections for things like the Podman socket, implement some level of user networking, as well as the ability to mount volumes into the machine. As soon as I can make this usable for early adopters, I will write up a how-to and would love to hear feedback.

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