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Podman v4.4, Buildah v1.29 released!

We are pleased to announce a slew of new releases including Podman, Buildah, Netavark, and Aardvark-dns.

Podman version 4.4 was released upstream this week. It brings a large variety of changes including bug fixes and features. Among those I find most exciting are the introduction of quadlet, the many changes around podman kube, and a new networking mode called pasta.

Last week, Buildah version 1.29 was also released. The prune command has been added to clean intermediate images as well as the build and mount cache.  Support for the –group-add option to the from and build commands was added. One useful feature of this, it to use the –group-add keep-groups option, which allows rootless users to take advantage of their group access to file and devices mounted into the build containers.    And the –cache-from and –cache-to options for the build command now allow for multiple sources. This can be used to improve the speed of builds, especially in CI/CD environments.

But wait! There’s more. This week both netavark and aardvark-dns released version 1.5.0. Netavark now includes support for IPVLAN. And aardvark-dns was rebuilt with updated libraries at the very heart of its primary functionality.

I know Fedora has already begun builds of all these packages and they should soon begin their journey from testing to stable in Fedora 37.

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