• The new Hyper-V option in Podman Windows Installer
  • The new Hyper-V option in Podman Windows Installer

    The Podman team introduced the support for Hyper-V with Podman version 4.8. With version 5.1, we updated the Podman Windows installer to allow Hyper-V configuration at installation time. This blog post will explain what this means and how to use it.

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  • Hack: Podman volumes and Ansible template idempotency

    Hack: Podman volumes and Ansible template idempotency

    Anyone mildly familiar with Ansible will attest, maintaining idempotency is a key secret-sauce to stable automation.  Without idempotency, it’s all but impossible to detect drift and/or predictably manage state changes.  Similarly, anyone beyond a complete-beginning Podman user, will know that defining and using volumes are essential operations. Now for the problem: In Ansible-land, the template…

  • the dreaded vfkit exit 1

    the dreaded vfkit exit 1

    With Podman 5 having recently been released, we have seen a lot of new adopters join the fray. When using brew, the one error that we are seeing reasonably commonly is: Error: vfkit exited unexpectedly with exit code 1 At one time in our development phases, we did see this error being triggered when the…

  • Podman 5.0 has been released!

    Podman version 5.0.0 has been released! It is our first major release in two years and includes several new features and significant changes. Podman version 5.0.0 is a very important release for Podman on Windows and Mac, featuring a complete rewrite of our code for those platforms and major improvements in hypervisor support on both…

  • Podman 5.0 breaking changes in detail

    Podman 5.0 breaking changes in detail

    Podman 5.0 is out, and with this also comes several breaking changes, but there is no reason to fear them; unless you are using podman machine, chances are you will not even notice them. Podman Machine The biggest breaking change is a major refactor for the podman machine config files. There is no migration from…

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