• Podman v4.4 rc3 released!
  • Podman v4.4 rc3 released!

    @acui just cut a new upstream Podman release candidate for Podman v4.4. This release candidate includes updated RELEASE NOTES. Final release for Podman 4.4 is planned in the next two weeks time unless a major bug is uncovered. As always, feedback is welcome and file issues should you find some.

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  • Podman 4.4rc released!

    Podman 4.4rc released!

    Today we released Podman 4.4. release candidate 2. We expect RC 3 to be cut later this week. Release candidate 3 will have release notes and will have vendored in all of our library dependencies. We are still planning 4.4 General Availability for the end of January.

  • SystemD socket activation lesson learned

    SystemD socket activation lesson learned

    It’s Friday and I thought I would share something I learned today. Like many things, the documentation is out there but it took a little finesse to put it all together. So here is hoping it helps someone in the future who hits this searching for an answer to a problem. We want the netavark-dhcp-proxy, […]

  • Podman begins CNI plugins deprecation

    Podman begins CNI plugins deprecation

    Happy New Year from the Podman team! This year will begin with a change. Since the inception of Podman, it has used the Container Networking Interface (CNI) plugins as its core networking stack. Our users began to push us to expand our network stack capabilities to implement more advanced networking and domain name serving. Those […]

  • A Year in Review: Podman in 2022

    A Year in Review: Podman in 2022

    As 2022 comes to a close, I wanted to highlight the great progress that Podman has made over the last year. Almost 5 years after our first public release, Podman continues to grow at a rapid pace, with hundreds of new features added over the last year. Let’s go over some of the highlights and […]

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