• Interaction between User namespaces and Capabilities
  • Interaction between User namespaces and Capabilities

    User namespaces and capabilities are important kernel functionality to make containers secure. They allow to better isolate containers and limit the privileges a container might have. A while back a user reported a bug where some odd behavior was noticed when namespaces are shared between containers which could lead to security problems. Lets take closer…

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  • Podman v4.8 released!

    Podman v4.8 released!

    We’re excited to announce that Podman v4.8.0 has been released! This release includes over 20 features and over 20 bugfixes each. Some highlights include: For a full list of changes, see our GitHub release page. Big thanks to our contributors and community! Try it out and let us know what you think! Upcoming Deprecation Notices:…

  • New Netavark firewalld reload service

    New Netavark firewalld reload service

    One longstanding problem with Podman is that your rootful containers may loose network connectivity after a while. For many users it is not be obvious what is causing such problems. Netavark configures NAT and port forwarding firewall rules. When another process is deleting our firewall rules the containers will loose connectivity. One such process is…

  • Podman’s main branch is now 5.0.0-dev

    Podman’s main branch is now 5.0.0-dev

    We recently branched Podman 4.8 for a soon to be release. But the big news is our main branch is now 5.0.0-dev. For our users, this means a new major version of Podman has begun its genesis. What can users expect? We plan to begin releases of Podman 5.0.0 in early 2024. At this point,…

  • CNI deprecation and removal from Podman 5.0

    CNI deprecation and removal from Podman 5.0

    As written in an earlier blog by Brent we are going to replace the older CNI stack Netavark and Aardvark-dns. With Podman 5.0 on the horizon we have decided that it will be the perfect time to drop CNI support from our upstream builds. As mentioned in the prior blog post we will most likely…

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